Sword of the Spellbreaker Cover Sketch!

Hello everyone,

We’re getting close to having Book 5 ready to publish. It doesn’t look like we’ll have it ready to ship in time for Thanksgiving, but I’m still holding out hope for sometime in December.

I thought I’d share my latest sketch for the cover art. Let me know if you see anything particularly wonky in the sketch. It’s always good to catch any mistakes before I start painting.

Hope you like it!


  1. Is there any news on the new book? I’m really excited about it and it’s making this wait seem to drag on forever. Either way I just wanted to say the books are truly great and I can’t wait for every new one.

    1. I’m hoping to launch in time for Christmas. I’m waiting on a few more edits and then the final revision pass. If all goes well, people should have it in time for some holiday break reading.

      Thanks for you patience!

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