1. I mean don’t get me wrong I do like Haven as Garrett’s girlfriend but there something suspicious about her that I don’t trust.

        1. hmm… anyway about Garrett’s ghoul friends I didn’t except them to have resemblance of wolves I thought they were gonna have resemblance of undead like in the game series fallout.

          1. I based the ghouls in the series on the ones in the Cthulhu mythos which are more dog-like in appearance and friendly with sorcery types of humans who can put up with their grisly eating habits and pungent smell.

  1. oh that explains a lot I was confused about the ghouls when I started reading this series but now I know thanks man.

  2. Now I have a another question and you may not know but how many books are you going to writ to complete this series?

      1. like I said you may not know which I understand now since I been talking about Garrett and Marla how did first meet?

        And it was interesting that you had them has a couple in the first four books interesting pair a necromancer and a vampire both wield dark powers and born and raised in the dark.

        1. Hmn, I guess we’ve never talked about how they met, have we? Maybe we’re due for some sort of flashback in the next book.

  3. yeah you told us how Warren and Gerrett first in the first book but I heven’t found out how Marla and Garrett first met throughout this series and I was wondering .

  4. still I think Garrett needs to find a good explanation when Marla and Garrett reunited once again because since Haven is Garrett’s “second” girlfriend and the way Haven acts when Garrett tries to say Marla’s name he even tries to tell her that he still loves Marla but she still refuses to believe that its like she hold a huge grudge on either Marla,the vampirs, or both.

      1. ant that the truth lol.

        Now if and I said “if” and its your choice i’m not forcing it on to you if you do have Garrett and Marla
        become a couple again there has to be a way for them to actually be together for good since Garrett is human that has limit life span and Marla is a vampir that can live forever.

        you get what I’m saying?

          1. I guess your right that nobody lives forever and like I said its your choice I’m not demanding or forceing it on to you its your choice if Garrett and Marla would be together or not I’m just saying in my point of view I’m a big fan of Garrett x Marla.

  5. and that one of the reasons why I don’t trust Haven that and she was a spy created by the dragons during the war.

    in my point of veiw Garrett may think she’s inoccent but that what spies do they act inoccent and in the they backstabe you when you least expeated so in my advice keep an eye on her you never know when she well betray Garrett and his freinds.

  6. It seems that Garnett and Marla are becoming more powerful in each book since Garrett is the songreaver and Marla has some kind pf gif.

  7. before Garrett know Haven’s name you called her the girl in brown why name that? was the brown hair? or the brown skin? or the clothing?

  8. hay at the part in book 6 when Marle was battle the empress what did she mean “that love cannot die”??

    like I get what love is its a powerful thing but it can be a greatest weakness to both man or fea but what did she mean?

    1. What power could keep Marla going through all that she’s been through? Why did the Dragon Queen shed the tears from which Marla’s soul was forged?

  9. you know Garrett kinda reminds me of darth vader in star wars they both have had sufferd being burned alive and trying to gain more power and there are differences between them.

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