Freemancer The Works of Andrew Hunter Wed, 06 Jul 2016 12:56:10 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Map of the Rhaemic continent Wed, 06 Jul 2016 12:56:10 +0000 I thought some of you might enjoy seeing the latest map of Garrett’s world. I’ve been developing this side of the globe for decades now. Most of the names you should recognize from the story so far, with the exception of Nochwe, which is the setting of the very first book I ever wrote, a truly terrible piece of literature with a few likeable characters, forced to slog their way through the vast morass of my teenage angst.

The last Dungeons and Dragons campaign that I DM’d, a number of years ago, had my intrepid adventuring group contending with a vile Chadirian Inquisitor for the fate of the Isle of Fraelu and rescuing a kidnapped selkie librarian from an evil necromancer pirate.

One of these days I might even finish up the little story I’ve been working on about what happened to Maddoc and his fellow Vitrimancers when the moon fell out of the sky.

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Trials of the Twiceborn is now available! Wed, 06 Jul 2016 00:16:25 +0000 Book Six of the Songreaver’s Tale is now available!

Garrett once dreamed of returning to Astorra with an army of the living dead at his back. Now that he has, the prospect of bringing justice to the traitor prince seems more like a nightmare. A wall of shining steel and good men’s honor stands between the young necromancer and his long-awaited vengeance. Now Garrett must contend, not only with an army of knights seeking the glory of taking his head in single combat, but with the growing power of the Spellbreaker’s spirit within him. He’ll soon learn that not even the dead rest easy in the shadow of King Cabre’s throne.

Far to the south, Marla and her companions must search for the very birthplace of dragonkind to find what secrets lurk in the shattered ruins of the world that was. Could the Dragon Queen herself be hidden, somewhere in the misty depths of lost Uroe, or will the vampire girl be forced to search within for a way to stop the demonic Volgrem?

Heads will roll (well, at least one) in Trials of the Twiceborn!


Thank you for your patience, but Book Six has finally begun to go live! I hope you all enjoy reading this one as much as I enjoyed writing it.

I’ll update the links below as the various formats become available:





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Songreaver’s Tale News! Tue, 10 May 2016 01:44:07 +0000 Greetings all!

I’m nearing completion on Trials of the Twiceborn, Book Six of the Songreaver’s Tale!

In this latest chapter of the series, we follow Garrett north as he leads his army of the dead into the ancient kingdom of Astorra where he finds a less-than-warm welcome awaiting him. In a land where everyone wants him dead for a crime he didn’t commit, Garrett must contend, not only with the knights seeking the honor of taking his head in single combat, but with the growing power of the Spellbreaker’s spirit within him. He’ll soon learn that not even the dead rest easy in the shadow of King Cabre’s throne.

Far to the south, Marla and her vampire companions must search for the very birthplace of dragonkind to find what secrets lurk in the shattered ruins of the world that was. Could the Dragon Queen herself be hidden, somewhere in the misty depths of lost Uroe, or will the vampire girl be forced to search within for the answers she seeks?

Heads will roll (well, at least one) in Trials of the Twiceborn!

Also, my good friend Heath Allyn has begun his latest audiobook recording of Book 2, The Hungering Flame!

We’re a couple of chapters in, so far, and I’m enjoying his read immensely. I’m giddy with anticipation to hear Diggs and Scupp’s voices for the first time outside my own head. And the Chadiri captain sounds very threatening! I can’t wait ’till the Dragon Lord shows up.

I’ll keep you posted!

Sword of the Spellbreaker is now available! Mon, 21 Dec 2015 03:13:18 +0000 Book five of the Songreaver’s Tale is now available!

As young Garrett and his friends struggle to rebuild their city after a devastating attack, the Brotherhood of Necromancers calls upon him to lead an expedition to the North. A sinister force there threatens to consume all who would defy the Red God’s will, and Garrett’s only hope of saving those he loves may be to surrender to the brooding power of the Songreaver within him. Across the mountains, Marla returns at last to the city of vampires, where she must face the ultimate test of her humanity and learn the secret of the draconic power that flows through her veins.

The Dead Goddess stirs, ancient demons stalk the land, and the girl no one can remember finally gets the waiter to bring her drink. Such world-shattering revelations await within the pages of Book Five of The Songreaver’s Tale: Sword of the Spellbreaker!


Thank you all for sticking with me. I know it’s been a long wait for Book Five, but it’s finally live on Smashwords, Nook, iBooks, and Kindle! I’ll try to get all the links updated soon, but I wanted to get something out there for everyone who has been asking about the book, and I hope you all enjoy it.

I’m gonna get some sleep now and then get back to work on Book Six!

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Sword of the Spellbreaker Cover Sketch! Fri, 13 Nov 2015 04:07:34 +0000 Hello everyone,

We’re getting close to having Book 5 ready to publish. It doesn’t look like we’ll have it ready to ship in time for Thanksgiving, but I’m still holding out hope for sometime in December.

I thought I’d share my latest sketch for the cover art. Let me know if you see anything particularly wonky in the sketch. It’s always good to catch any mistakes before I start painting.

Hope you like it!

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The Songreaver Returns Soon! Tue, 25 Aug 2015 17:30:09 +0000 Hello, everyone,

I’ve finally finished the first draft of Sword of the Spellbreaker, Book Five in the Songreaver’s Tale!

In it, we pick up where Book Four left off, with Garrett helping to restore order in the city of Wythr, even as he struggles to preserve his own humanity against the ancient draconic power awakening within him. Far across the mountains, Marla must uncover the mysteries of her past as she returns at last to the underground city of Thrinaar, seat of power for all the great vampire houses. In the North, a brooding evil begins to stir, one that has not shown its face since the reign of the Dragon Queen.

The Girl in Brown just hopes there’s still time to visit the beach.

I’m revising and editing now, and hope to have the manuscript off to my editors before long. With any luck, I’ll have everything ready to publish this Fall.

Thanks for your patience!

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The Frostwoven Crown is now available! Thu, 27 Nov 2014 14:27:03 +0000 Book four of the Songreaver’s Tale is now available!

In this sequel to Songreaver, Garrett must walk a perilous line between his duty to the sisterhood of the death goddess and his loyalty to the brotherhood of necromancers as he seeks to uncover the identity of a traitor in their midst. Yet it is his love for the vampire girl Marla that may prove his undoing when the secret of her true lineage comes to light. All of this would be challenge enough for any young necromancer, even without the power of an ancient sorcerer king awakening within him, but now he’s pretty sure that he’s being followed by something very small and very angry. He’s going to need a lot more zombies.


This has been a long road for me, but I am finally ready to share Garrett’s latest adventure with you all. I have to say that the story took some rather unexpected turns for me. I followed Garrett down some scary paths, but I trusted him to find his way through, and he carried the day for me. It can be frightening to let your characters lead the way, but I have been humbled to discover that they can lead you to places you never would have found without their guidance. I am proud of my characters and what they have accomplished in this book, the trials they faced and the victories they’ve won.

I hope you will be proud of them too.


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The Necromancer’s Nephew Audiobook! Thu, 02 Oct 2014 01:52:48 +0000 The Audiobook version of The Necromancer’s Nephew is finally available!

My oldest friend and amazing voice actor Heath Allyn has done an amazing job of bringing Garrett’s story to life. I’m still not sure how he made it through all of Norris’s dialogue with his voice intact, but, somehow, he managed it. I’m happy to finally get a chance to share with you all what Heath and I have been working on for the past several months. I hope you all enjoy the final product as much as I have. Please check it out over at the following links if you are interested in hearing a sample of the incredible work he’s done on the book!




Songreaver News! Thu, 11 Sep 2014 21:16:25 +0000 The Frostwoven Crown

Hello everyone! Sorry about the long delay on any news, but the manuscript for Book Four is finally finished and is now in the hands of my Beta Reader. I hope to have the e-book available as soon as the final edits are done, and I’m finished with the cover art.

I thought you might enjoy a glimpse of the rough layout for the cover. I’m sure I’ll probably tweak the sketch quite a bit before I start painting, but it’s always fun just to get something roughed out.

The Necromancer’s Nephew Audiobook

In other news, our audiobook production of “The Necromancer’s Nephew” is in its final stage of production. Thanks to the great voice actor, my old friend, Heath Allyn, Garrett’s world comes to life in an all new way. He’s done an amazing job of portraying these characters, and I’m really looking forward to sharing it with you.

Thank you for your patience. This is an exciting time in the world of Rhaema!

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The Nature of Cakes Fri, 25 Jul 2014 15:35:27 +0000 I was dreaming last night, and in this dream, I noticed that I was hungry. Perhaps thinking of my son’s upcoming birthday party, my thoughts turned to cake. At that moment, an angel appeared in my dream, a huge bald man wearing a white chef’s jacket who walked through a nearby door, carrying an enormous sheet cake. The cake was eight inches thick and nearly a yard across. It was iced in a rainbow of colors and piped with decorative swirls along the edges.

“Time for cake!” the angel laughed. He produced a large carving knife and handed it to me. “Cut it up for us, will you?” he said.

I took the knife and started doing some mental calculations. I made light marks with the blade upon the icing in regular columns and rows, trying to divide the entire cake evenly before I made the final cuts.

“What are you doin’?” the angel asked me.

“I’m gonna cut the cake,” I said.

“That’s not how you cut a cake,” he laughed, “Lemme show you how it’s done.”

He took the knife from my hand and began to slice the cake with large, bold strokes at odd angles, leaving the cake divided into pieces of widely varying sizes.

I stared at him incredulously. “Why’d you do that?” I demanded.

The angel pointed toward the people standing in line, waiting to receive their portion of cake. The first in line was a small, grinning child.

“Look at this child here,” the angel said, “You think this little bitty baby is gonna eat a big ol’ piece o’ cake? No! Give that child a little piece o’ cake!”

The toddler scampered off with a little plate, holding a little piece of cake, just the right size for him.

“Now this boy,” the angel said, clapping a broad-shouldered young man on the back, “This boy plays football! Give this boy a big piece o’ cake!”

So saying, the angel scooped up one of the large, irregularly-shaped pieces from the middle and dropped it on a dinner plate before passing it with a fork to the hungry young man.

Together, we served the rest of the people in line, before he and I enjoyed the two slices that we had set aside for ourselves. It was a very good cake. I finished my piece and looked sadly at the empty, crumb-strewn table. We hadn’t saved any for later.

The angel saw my downturned expression and grinned at me. He brushed the crumbs from the tablecloth and winked at me as he walked back into the other room.

“You know what time it is?” he asked as he came through the door again, carrying a giant, three-tiered cake, “It’s cake time!”

I grinned back at him and showed him what I’d learned about cutting a cake.

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